Venture #15: Experience Laredo, TX (Part 1)

20180328_152851-01I recently took a job working for a surveying firm as a Field Technician mapping out underground utilities. One of the perks of the job that peaked my interest during the application process besides working primarily outdoors was the amount of travel included. One month into the new job and they sent me off to Laredo, TX for training. I had never been to Laredo before, but now I am scheduled to live here temporarily for the next 5 weeks. Most of my time is spent working “in the field” aka driving on remote thousand acre ranches through 4-foot tall brush, cactus, and green mesquite.


My first week I didn’t get to see much of the actual city of Laredo as I worked every day starting early before the sunrise. Much like everything else consuming peoples’ lives on the border of the United States and Mexico (food, language, politics, demographics, etc) my day-to-day was filled with themes of duality. What appears at first glance to be a barren landscape, teems with flourishing life once you take a closer look. To outsiders, the environment can be harsh concerning the heat, wildlife, and potentially even some people! However, if you learn to adapt by keeping an open perspective you begin to see the rugged beauty that I have found an appreciation for! (I LOVE these photos for my desert flower collection!)



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