transitive verb
1to undertake the risks and dangers of brave [ventured the stormy sea]
2to offer at the risk of rebuff, rejection, or censure [venture an opinion]”


I was born in Texas, but I was raised in Colorado.

When I was young, my parents showed me the spirituality, reflection, and redemption found in nature. During adolescence I became lost. It wasn’t until later as an adult, that I re-discovered my passion for the outdoors.

Hiking the Rocky Mountains felt like coming home. Kayaking the rivers of North America taught me to re-invent myself.  Countless camp nights under that starry Texas sky allowed me to dream again. I have decided to immerse myself deeper into the natural world.

Every trip, every trail, and every tree I venture past brings me closer to a dream I can only fulfill through the awe of nature. I venture to become the person I always dreamed of being.

-Aaron Hines

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